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Boating in Malta Starts Here

We are a One Stop Shop for all marine supplies, accessories, parts and tools.

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Boating Supplies

All boating supplies and accessories for any type of boat.

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Boat Steering Wheels

See our range of boat steering wheels.

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Favourite Categories

Here are some of our Favourite Categories
Navigational Compass on a boat in Malta

Navigational Equipment

GPS, Compasses, fish finders and much more.

Deck Accessories

All Hands on Deck

Plumbing supplies for boats in Malta - high view

Plumbing & Sanitary Fixtures

We stock quality Plumbing Systems from the Best Brands in the World.

Boating in Malta - Docking - anchor release


The Best Docking solutions for any type of Boat.

Selected Products

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A guide to Boating
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Underside of boat showing antifouling paint coat

Antifouling Paints for the Novice Boat Owner

Whether you keep your boat afloat in the water for the better part of a year or haul it ashore at the end of the…

A Quick guide to traditional Maltese Boats

The colourfully decorated boats that can be seen floating around the shores of the Maltese islands have become a symbol of local identity and an…

Our Main Brands

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A Flag for every Country

Check out our vast selection of flags from the best factory in Italy.
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Here are some of our top Antifouling Products
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